Wedding Planning

Wedding Basics

Here is a great video by Ashley Adkins, RN. She shares some tips on how she was able to plan her wedding on a budget. And best of all, she does this in only 5 minutes!

Her first tip is to do things yourself. DIY projects are a huge help. Whether it’s decorations, invitations, or table center pieces. That can help save you a lot of money. There are so many different decorations on Pinterest that will give you some inspiration. It will also give you a little pride in doing the decorations yourself.

Her next tip is on music. DJs can be super expensive, so she recommends renting speakers, or borrowing from your friend, then just play music from your iPod, iPhone, or any music player. You can also ask a favor from a relative to choose and control the songs yourself.

The next way to save money is on the venue. Cheap venues are parks or backyards. If not, you have to be smart in booking your venue. Days where it will not rain will cost a bit more. Weekends are definitely pricier.

The next tip is the photographer. It’s important to have a really good photographer. If you want to save money, go to a photography school, and get some people to do your wedding for you. They won’t charge a lot even if they have professional equipment.

For hair and make-up, you can find a friend who is really good at hair and make-up and ask a favor from them.

She also got her wedding dress from Etsy. She just sent her measurements and her wedding dressed was shipped to her a month after. It was perfect.